Enrollment Options

with check to:

Northampton Pottery
102 Main Street
Northampton, MA 01060

By Phone:   If you prefer, register by phone using MasterCard
or Visa.  Call 413-584-3299 Tuesday-Saturday 10-4 and have
the below information ready.

IMPORTANT:   In most cases we require at least four students
to run a class, so it is important to register ahead of time so we
know whether the class will run and can keep students and
teachers informed also.  If you have already registered and
find your schedule will not permit you to take the class after all,
we would appreciate a phone call (before class starts) so we
have a good count of students.  Thank you.

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Name: (Last)__________________ (First) _________________________

Phone #: (______)______-___________ Age (if under 19)__________

Address: (Street) _____________________________________________

City ______________________________State ____________Zip_______

Email: ______________________________________________________

Class desired (day)__________________ (time) __________________

Amount enclosed ____________        

($50.00 nonrefundable* deposit required upon enrollment for classes,
with remainder due upon first meeting of class.  Tuition nonrefundable
after first meeting of class.)  

Emergency contact information (for minors only):

Name_____________________ relationship to student_______________

Phone_____________________ Cell Phone ___________________

*Class deposits ($50) are nonrefundable unless the class is cancelled
due to insufficient enrollment.)

Missed class policy:  Students may make up missed classes by arranging
to attend a class meeting at a different time, subject to space
availability.  This must be done within the session and not carried over
to further class sessions. No refunds or credit issued for missed classes.

Behavior in children's classes:  No refunds will be issued if a child
must be released from class due to behavior.

The Northampton Pottery
102 Main Street
Northampton, MA 01060

PHONE: 413-584-3299